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One Nation Under God
In God We Trust

In GOD We Trust
Our Mission here is clear, together we demand that GOD be reinstated everywhere that our mute
lips have failed HIM, and demand that HIS pre
sence be respected in all aspects of our lives.

IGWTA is a unification of like minded individuals, from all Christian faiths and
theologies, who believe in the deity of GOD the Father and Jesus the Son.

We Believe.

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It's on our Coins, in Our Hearts,
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    In GOD We Trust Association says that America is One Nation Under GOD and declares that the United States of America is GOD's Country.

    So if you believe in Jehovah, GOD, Jesus, Church, Faith, and Religion it is time to take a stand.

    Census data link- Total USA Population in 2000 was 281,421,906 and  284,796,887 estimated in 2001, with only 600,000 perverse "couples" = 1,200,000 people total.

    YET Census of christians says that in 2001 77% of the USA is Christian and this group that makes this statement is anti Christian.

    It is the belief of IGWTA that the percentage is more like 86% are Christian.

    Isn't time that the people in this democratic nation, a nation that says the majority rules, stands up and says, No Yells, HEY, WE, the GOD FEARING, GOD LOVING CHRISTIANS, ARE THE MAJORITY!

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    Our founding fathers placed the future of our great nation in the hands of GOD from inception.   Those same founding fathers called on
    GOD to BLESS this land to be a great nation.  This means they created a PACT, a Promise or a Contract, if you will, with GOD. 
    What happens when you breach a contract?  You get sued! 

    In this case the plaintiff is also the judge, prosecutor, jury, and executioner! 

    We are in breach of contract with GOD.  Most contracts have a "Right to Cure" clause which means that you can correct your breach. 
    AND GOD being a patient, loving, kind, and forgiving FATHER, apparently has give us time to CURE our breach.  BUT make no
    mistakes, HE will withdraw his favor and protection if we fail to cure and or correct our breach of contract.

    IN GOD WE TRUST - This is not just a motto.  It's a way of life.  It's a whole set of beliefs.  And it's what our country was founded on.
    GOD was not added in as an after thought.  Religious Freedom was not a by product of the constitution.

    The United States of America was formed - nay - CREATED because of GOD and Christian Religious Freedom. 
    In fact, without the unrelenting pursuit of Christian Religious Freedom - the United States would not exist.

    GOD and Christian Religious Freedom were at the very foundation of this country's creation.
    Today the devil's followers want to take away our foundation and we are having the same results as if you removed
    the foundation from your home:


    These followers of the devil would tell you that Separation of church and state was to protect the average citizen -
    who they claim does not want GOD in their life.

    WRONG!  Separation of church and state was to insure that individual Christian Religious beliefs and worship could not and
    would not be interfered with, interrupted, and or controlled by anyone or any entity AND this specifically applies to the government.

    IGWTA is here to put GOD back where HE belongs .... At the head of our country for with out HIM it will surely perish.

    Our current supreme court would have us to disavow our believes that the founding fathers of this great nation intended for it to be
    an embodiment of Christian values, and with the help of the liberal media would argue that Christians are a minority in this great land.

    This has not always been the case - See what our very first supreme court justice had to say "Click Here"

    In truth, the efforts to perverse those inherent values are driven by social malcontents who are willing to be politically active,
    who are willing to be vocal advocates of the immoral, unethical opinions rendered by our seated justices.

    Sadly, GODís people have been silently awaiting the demise of our great nation. We are a blessed nation because of the GODLY principles upon which our nation was founded.

    In GOD We Trust is on our currency by intent, not by accident as some would have us to believe.

    In GOD We Trust is consistently seen throughout the great oracles which are the basis for our society.

    Our nation had a population of 281,421,906 in 2000 of which more than 77% profess to be GODís people! The percentage of Christians indicated by this survey is based on data from a group which calls for an end to Christianity as GOD decreed it.

    Of our nationís population, only 1,200,000 are effeminate or sodomites. Thatís right, according to sources which promote these bizarre, perverse behaviors, less than 1% of our population is sodomite or effeminate, yet we are constantly deluged by the media with statistics and by our government through legislation increasing the rights and privileges of social malcontents while concurrently acclaiming a mandate to further erode GODís presence in our society.

    Where is GODís voice? It is in His people! Where are His people? WE ARE THE MAJORITY!

    The salvation of our great nation swings in the balance awaiting our mighty GODís decree!

    We are GODís voice! Stop the abomination! Right the course of this great nation! Turn our faces while there is yet time! Together we must
    be heard! We can stop the malcontents in their efforts to further remove GOD from His rightful presence in our government, in our schools,
    and in our lives.

    In political arenas such overwhelming percentages proclaim a mandate of the people!

    This is a mandate of GOD! Stand up together for GOD and let our voices be heard!

    Your membership allows your name to used in petitions to legislative bodies demanding that GOD be revered.

     I want to Stand Up For GOD, let my voice be heard!

    Are you tired of the constant attacks on GOD? We believe that GOD will bless His people in the effort to resist these abuses.

    For a century or more those professing to be Christians have failed to unify behind a common cause. That cause is the defense of our
    GOD and of our GODly rights and privileges from those who would attack them.

    GOD is Almighty and will prevail in HIS cause regardless of our failures. Our nation however will not continue to be the greatest nation
    on the face of the earth without GODís continued blessing.

    There are some wonderful efforts at hand where men have attempted to create a defense against these attacks, however every effort to
    gather the masses is limited by religious theology.

    The fate of our great nation is in our hands as Christians. We can right the course of our nation if we will but combine our voices and be heard.

    The intent of this association is to unit ALL who believe that GOD is the Father and that Jesus the Christ is the Son in a common effort, with a
    common goal to have our voices heard in the fight to restore GOD to His rightful place in our nation and to defend against those who would
    destroy our great land by perverting GODís will for mankind.

    The problems we see in our society today at large, are the result of many years of labor by deviant and unethical men and women striving to
    undermine our nation and our GOD.

    Mere men and women have accomplished these atrocities in but a few years.

    With this knowledge, will we who are blessed of GOD not persevere in our efforts to restore the righteousness of the nation?

    Every election year we see where small segments of our population join together to assure that particular candidates are elected or often
    times to ensure defeat. We see this locally and at the national level. Do not believe those who say we can not change the course.

    Consider the atrocities caused so far by the 1,200,000 who profess to be effeminate or sodomites.

    Christians are the MAJORITY in our country. This fact is validated by the very segments of our population who would seek to destroy our
    great nation by removing GOD from His rightful place throughout our society.

    FEEL THE POWER of 216,694,868 men and women who ALL believe that GOD is the Father and that Jesus the Christ is the Son, uniting to
    have our voices heard throughout the land!

    If GOD be for us, who can stand against us!

    Click Here and Make Your Declaration - "I want to Stand Up For GOD, let my voice be heard!"

    The social malcontents and members of the liberal media discovered long ago that it was not practical to attempt to sway the opinion of the
    majority of the adult population of our great nation. That population is still today decidedly intolerant of their direct efforts to promote their
    mal contented agendas.

    Those great institutes of worldly knowledge, our universities, have been targeted in effort to meld the young, impressionable minds of
    our children to be more tolerant, to become more desensitized to these atrocities with each generation.

    Our children are being taught the falsehoods and untruths of Darwinís Theory of Evolution in our public schools, while GODís word is denied the regard afforded an un-inspired novel. 

    Our children are not even allowed to pray while at school or school sponsored events!

    How many generations will be granted the current "moment of silence"? Congress opens with a prayer but our children canít open their school morning with a prayer?!

    We must have every GOD fearing and GOD loving person's support to be successful.

    Don't Hesitate. Don't  Procrastinate. Support IGWTA now and forever.

    Click Here and Make Your Declaration - "I want to Stand Up For GOD, let my voice be heard!"

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    IGWTA is a unification of like minded individuals, from all Christian faiths and theologies,
    who believe in the deity of GOD the Father and Jesus the Son.